BAE BAE is a mostly-female bike club in Portland, OR.

We are all about building the bike scene we want to be part of – one that is fun, challenging, and exciting while also being safe and supportive for everyone. We tolerate exactly zero bullshit. We are not about speed or competition or snobbery; we are just a bunch of badass people who love bikes and are all about empowering each other, especially with regard to getting butts on bikes.

The qualifications for joining BAE BAE are:

  1. You must be female* (negotiable, see below)
  2. You must be awesome (utterly non-negotiable)
  3. You must be able to lift your bike over your head.

*If you are notĀ female but still wish to ride with BAE BAE, you may apply to prospect with us for a minimum of 18 years, during which time you must throw us mad cash.

If you fit these qualifications and are interested inĀ riding with us, show up to the next ride!

Executive Team

BAE BAE was founded in January 2016. Our Executive Team consists of (left to right) Hannah, Laurel, and Holly.